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About the Department of Pathology

The department has in its roster of faculty outstanding subspecialists in a comprehensive array of pathology disciplines. It is extensively involved in the medical degree program of the university through participation in the various undergraduate courses. The department faculty also represents the core training faculty for the anatomic and clinical pathology residency program of the Philippine General Hospital, participating widely in the didactic activities of the program as well as in the disposition of patient services that expose the trainees to vast learning opportunities.

Mission Vision


A team of physicians highly competent in the field of pathology; imbued with moral, ethical and spiritual vigor; dedicated to a life of learning and teaching; committed to the improvement of patient care through provision of outstanding pathology services; inspired by love, compassion and respect for the dignity of human life and the nobility of death; and anchored on the principles of truth, freedom, justice, love of country and the democratic way of life.


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